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CET Virtual Lunch Seminar

Coastal Change 21st Century

CET is happy to announce this week's CET Virtual Lunch seminar with Professor William Helland-Hansen from the Department of Earth Science at UiB.

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Carlo Aall will be joining us from his home office in Sogndal.

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About the talk:

Recent IPCC reports show an accelerating rate of sea level rise. Low and high emission scenarios place 190 to 630 million people at risk of coastal inundation by 2100. In Europe, this threatens coastal communities, ecosystems and infrastructure. Current depictions of future risks to coastal infrastructure and population use interaction between water levels and a static coastal topography, ignoring the impact of several fundamental processes. Our aim is to quantify how the combination of  climate-driven, gradual and episodic sea-level changes,  vertical land movements,  the supply and distribution of sediments, and  the human modification of these drivers together affects coastal land-water boundaries in the 21st century.

In this talk I will outline the main elements of this project which aims at providing an improved climate service, predicting coastal inundation on a dynamic coastline.

William Helland-Hansen is a geologist and sedimentologist at the Department of Earth Science, UiB. He joined UiB in 1997 after 12 years in the petroleum industry (Norsk Hydro). From 1998 he has been a professor at University of Bergen and from 2007 an adjunct professor at the University Centre of Svalbard (UNIS).

Guidelines for our virtual seminars:

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As always, the CET Lunch Seminars are open for anyone interested. Please share in your networks to people who could be interested in this week's topic.