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CET Lunch Seminar: 2030 Bergen

CET is happy to announce this week’s CET Lunch Seminar with Åshild Aarø from StartUp Lab. Åshild has currently works as a coordinator at The Collaboratory facilitating the CET201 Sustainable Innovation course. CET is a proud is to be a collaboration partner for the 2030 Bergen program.

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2030 Bergen

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2030 Bergen is a program by StartupLab where we hack the climate crisis. Corporations deliver the "headaches" they need to solve before becoming more sustainable, and ambitious people solve the headaches in the 2030 Bergen hackathon 15th - 17th of October.

We need YOU to join an interdisciplinary team and use your skills to solve some of the biggest challenges we face today.

Åshild will introduce us to the 2030 Bergen program and discuss some of the headaches that the corporations have sent in.

Read more about 2030 Bergen and apply to hack the climate crisis here: https://www.20tretti.no/ (The website is in Norwegian, but the hackathon will be delivered in English language).


About the speaker:

My name is Åshild Aarø, and I am the Community Manager of StartupLab in Bergen. I enjoy solving challenges, especially how to contribute to creating an emission free future. I have not solved that challenge…. Yet.

At StartupLab I work with the most ambitious tech founders, and in my spare time I clean plastic waste in the jungle of Laos. I am also connected to the University in Bergen through facilitating the course “CET201 Sustainable Innovation”.

As always, the CET Lunch Seminars are open for anyone interested. Please share in your networks to people interested in next week’s topic.