Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)
CET Lunch Seminar

Would it matter? Interactions between worry about climate change and efficacy beliefs

CET is happy to announce this CET Lunch Seminar with CET PhD fellow Thea Gregersen.

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This CET Lunch Seminar discusses the interactions between worry about climate change and efficacy beliefs.

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About the talk:

This presentation will focus on how worrying about climate change can influence self-reported household energy behavior, specifically curtailment behaviors and efficiency measures. Building on previous research showing a consistent, but rather weak association between worry and behavior, we aim to explore whether four types of efficacy beliefs can strengthen the relationship. What happens when worry is combined with believing that personal energy-saving is a possible and effective strategy for mitigating climate change at an individual and/or collective level?  

About the speaker:

Thea Gregersen is PhD candidate in psychology affiliated with Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET) and Department of Psychosocial Science at the University of Bergen. Her PhD project focus on perceptions of climate change across Europe and spans psychological constructs from mental representations via emotions to behavior. She is further a member of the Climate and Environment group connected to The Norwegian Citizen Panel.