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Hackathons, coproduction and local climate adaptation governance

CET is happy to announce next week’s CET Lunch Seminar with Hanna Kvamsås, PhD Candidate at CET and NORCE, and Simon Neby, Associate Professor at CET and the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, UiB.

workshop with many participants
Klimathon is a hackathon for policy makers in Norway. Held every year since 2018.

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How can we better understand what it takes to co-produce climate knowledge? In this seminar, Hanna Kvamsås and Simon Neby explore how collaborative climate hackathons coproduce local adaptation knowledge, and what this method reveals about local climate governance. Their data derives from two collaborative climate hackathons, called Klimathons, that attracted 73 and 98 participants in Bergen, Norway. The participants were practitioners and decision-makers from local, regional, and national institutions as well as researchers from natural and social climate sciences. The collaborative group work revolved around the challenges and solutions of local adaptation planning and uncovered how a diversity of key actors understand the local adaptation work in Norway. These interventions revealed that there are significant disagreements and divergent understanding of relevant laws, regulations and responsibility between practitioners working within the same governance system. The Klimathons helped to navigate the complexity of local climate adaptation by shifting the focus to how different actors make sense of and work on adaptation and showing the intertwining and interdependence of potential drivers for adaptation.

You can read the related paper here.

About the speakers:

Hanna Kvamsås is a PhD Candidate at NORCE and the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation at the University of Bergen. Her PhD research project investigates alternative stormwater planning in Bergen and Tromsø, the first two municipalities in Norway making specific municipal sector plans for stormwater management. The project explores the potential for transformational climate change adaptation. She has experience with qualitative interviews, photo-elicitation methods, and co-production of knowledge through organizing intersectoral hackathon-like workshops.

Simon Neby, PhD, recently joined the University of Bergen as Associate Professor at CET and the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, and also holds a secondary Researcher I position at NORCE Social Science. His research interest revolve around the politics, policy and polity of climate change governance, as well as institutional theory and the role of regulative, normative and cognitive frameworks for understanding the public sector. In recent years, he has particularly focused on climate issues with regards to the role of knowledge in local decision-making, coordination efforts, and the structural manifestations of governance at national levels.

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