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From the southern tip of Africa: Wrestling with the challenges of climate risk management

CET is happy to announce next week’s CET Lunch Seminar with Anna Steynor and Christopher Jack from of the Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. We are continuing our CET lunch series theme of co-production and city planning.

We are continuing our CET lunch series theme of co-production and city planning.
Judith Dalsgård/CET

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Understanding climate risk has evolved over the past decades from a physical climate science challenge and activity into a far broader challenge encompassing almost every area of academia, governance, development and the private sector. At the same time, while individual disciplines have advanced understanding of the intersection of climate change with particular areas of concern, be it health, water resources, infrastructure, etc., a key emerging challenge is the integration of understanding across disciplines and beyond disciplines, into real world decisions and action. The Climate System Analysis Group, based at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, has followed an analogous trajectory. With origins in climate modeling and climate physics, the group has progressively broadened to include impacts modeling, governance, decision making, philosophy, and psychology. Over the past 5 years CSAG has increasingly engaged with real world climate risk management challenges through intensive, trans-disciplinary impact lead research. In this seminar Christopher Jack, the deputy director of CSAG, and Anna Steynor, climate services lead, will give a brief overview of the group and then present two specific examples of our work: An analysis of decision maker perceptions of climate risk through the WISER project, and the Learning Lab approach implemented in the FCFA FRACTAL project. The aim of the seminar is to open up conversations on overlapping and complementary interests, so plenty of time will be left for questions and discussion.

About the speakers:

Anna Steynor has led the climate service team at the Climate System Analysis Group (University of Cape Town) since 2011, and has worked in the field of climate services since 2005. Her academic background includes physical climate science and extensive experience in the integration of climate information in decision making at multiple levels in Southern Africa and the United Kingdom. Anna’s particular research interests lie in transdisciplinary co-production of climate services, the psychology of climate information use and what constitutes decision-relevant climate information.

Christopher Jack is deputy director of CSAG. His current research activities are focused on the intersection of urban contexts and climate risk through projects such as UrbanARK and FRACTAL, where his background and experience in fundamental climate science and modeling, as well as his experience in decision support and capacity development, come together. Christopher's passion is working with and across diverse disciplines and areas of expertise in complex problem spaces.

As always, the CET Lunch Seminars are open for anyone interested so please feel free to share within your networks and on social media.