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CET Virtual Lunch Seminar

The New Climate Activism

CET is excited to announce this CET Virtual Lunch Seminar with Jen Allan from Cardiff University on her recent book: The New Climate Activism.

Book cover: Green background with "The New Climate Activism" written on it.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CET Lunch seminars are currently online.
Jen Allan

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At the 2019 UN climate change conference, activists and delegates from groups representing Indigenous, youth, women, and labour rights were among those marching through the halls chanting "Climate Justice, People Power." In The New Climate Activism, Jen Iris Allan looks at why and how these social activists came to participate in climate change governance while others, such as those working on human rights and health, remain on the outside of climate activism.

Through case studies of women’s rights, labour, alter-globalization, health, and human rights activism, Allan shows that some activists sought and successfully gained recognition as part of climate change governance, while others remained marginalized. While concepts key to some social activists, including gender mainstreaming, just transition, and climate justice are common terms, human rights and health remain "fringe issues" in climate change governance. The New Climate Activism explores why and how these activists brought their issues to climate change, and why some succeeded while others did not.

Co-sponsored by Cardiff University's Environmental Justice Research Unit and International Studies research Unit.

About the speaker

Dr. Jen Allan is a Lecturer in International Relations at Cardiff University. Her research focuses on global environmental negotiations and how NGOs participate and shape those global rules. With the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, Jen has participated in negotiations for climate change, chemicals, wastes, and forests since 2011.