Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)
CET Virtual Lunch Seminar

Local carbon budgets as a tool for sustainability transitions: Three emerging narratives of change and governance

Welcome to our lunch seminar with Sanna Gunnarsson, MA from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and municipal official in Tierp municipality, Sweden.

Local Carbon Budget
A snapshot of the carbon budget for Nyköping Municipality (https://www.climatevisualizer.com/Nyk%C3%B6ping).
Ill: Sanna Gunnarsson/ClimateVisualizer.com

Main content

The complexity and urgency of climate change require new methods and tools to create and support actions for sustainability transitions. One emerging and growing tool is the local carbon budget which allocates a maximum of carbon emissions yearly to a specific territory. However, while there has been an increased acknowledgment of the need for fundamental, long-term, and multifaceted changes, also known as transitions, sustainability is still a normative and debated area with multiple coexisting narratives. Thereby, it is of relevance to study what narratives of change and governance that are embedded in emerging tools for climate mitigation and sustainability transitions.

During this seminar, Gunnarson will present her master's project in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design, which explores how local carbon budgets approach sustainability transitions in the context of Swedish municipalities. The research questions guiding the study was (1) what narratives of change are embedded and perceived in relation to local carbon budgets? and (2) how does these narratives relate to local governance approaches?

About the speaker:

Sanna Gunnarsson has her Master's degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. The project was conducted in collaboration with the Uppsala University Climate Change Leadership node and their work on local carbon budgets. Gunnarson has previous experience of working with student-led education for sustainable development at CEMUS, Uppsala University. Today, she is working as a municipal official in Tierp municipality, Sweden, and is passionate about collaborative processes that can help support the transition into more sustainable cities and communities.