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The Bus Riders Union: Integrating social and environmental agendas through art-science-activism

Welcome to our lunch seminar with Devyn Remme, PhD candidate at CET.

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Devyn Remme

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At this CET Lunch Devyn Remme will introduce her new project that has received CET Accelerator funding for research communication in the area of sustainable mobility and social justice. The discourse around sustainable mobility in Bergen is dominated by toll roads politics and light rail politics. The Bus Riders Union seeks to bring state of the art research on sustainable mobility transitions together with the experiences, culture, and practices of local buss users into the debate about the future of sustainable mobility in Norwegian cities.

From its inception as a speculative future to a fully-fledged, democratic organization, the project also explores new roles for research combined with art and activism to effect positive change in the world. 

About the speaker:

Devyn Remme is a PhD candidate at the CET researching the global social and environmental implications of Norway's adoption of electric vehicles. She wrote her MA thesis about the local social justice implications of the sustainable mobility policy package in Bergen, Norway.

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