Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)
CET Virtual Lunch Seminar

Carbon intensive regions of Europe, right-wing party populism, and support for decarbonization

Welcome to our virtual seminar with Mahir Yazar, postdoctoral fellow at CET, University of Bergen.

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The carbon-intensive regions of Estonia, Germany, Greece and Poland and their voting patterns are the focus of this CET Lunch.

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Due to the high infection rate in Bergen, we will not gather physically.

The 2019 European election shows that the aggregate average electoral gains of the right-wing populist parties in comparison with the 2014 results are modest, but considerable variation across the countries emerges. Mahir Yazar will share the preliminary results for voting patterns to explore the rise of populism and anti-democratic attitudes in the carbon-intensive regions of Estonia, Germany, Greece, and Poland – as part of the CINTRAN project. He will then present the finished work based on the regional versus national socio-political and demographic factors shaping support for decarbonization in Poland, and the carbon-intensive Silesia region.

About the speaker:

Mahir Yazar is a Postdoctoral Fellow at CET working in the Horizon2020 CINTRAN project and leads newly funded LOCALNET project. His work centers on vulnerability and adaptation, and multi-level governance perspectives to advance understandings of climate governance and civic actions in polycentric to unitary systems, using mixed methods.