Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)
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Klimabudsjett 2.0

Klimabudsjett 2.0 develops local climate budgets in line with the ambitions of the Paris agreement, and covers important knowledge gaps in this field of research.

Researchers on the Klimabudsjett 2.0 project, and members from Vestland fylkeskommune.
Researchers on Klimabudsjett 2.0, and members from Vestland fylkeskommune
Ukjent/Jesse Schrage

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Reaching the climate goals of 1,5 and 2°C of warming contained in the Paris Agreement will require Norwegian municipalities and regions to articulate both fair and ambitious local climate reductions. In this project, we develop local climate budgets that are in line with the ambition set in Paris and detail the range of measures and necessary local processes to reach those goals. Using inter- and multidisciplinary approaches, the goal of the project is to support local reduction of greenhouse gases by developing and implementing tools which can be used by several counties and municipalities in Norway.

Climate Budget 2.0 will cover important knowledge gaps in researching the implication of localizing the Paris Agreement for the regional and local level, and what range of measures regional and local authorities can implement to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions towards a low-emission and climate-resilient society. In particular, the scientific contribution will be about developing carbon budget for both production and consumption-related emissions in a regional and local context. Further, we will use serious gaming approach to  involve both researches and uses, and explore the range of measures possible locally. The project will stimulate capacity building for the local and regional climate plan work for the project partners, which are all in a start-up phase in their climate plan work.

This project aims to develop participatory tools in municipal planning to bring out deep reflections on the various actors' room for manoeuvre in order to contribute to achieving a local carbon budget. We will work closely with users in testing in, and with various local actors (elected representatives, municipal administration, residents, businesses) in various contexts (planning processes, open meetings, and more). Importantly, the experiences and tools developed from the project will be openly available to other counties and municipalities, and will contribute to a strengthening of regional and local climate work.

Work Packages

WP 1 Paris-aligned Climate Budgets: Develop energy-only carbon budgets for regional and local Norwegian authorities to reach 1,5 and 2 C temperature goals.

WP 2 Local Climate Measures: Map local climate measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the municipalities in line with ambitious climate goals.

WP 3 Climate Games: Develop a first version of serious climate games that focus on reducing both consumption-based and production-based greenhouse gas emissions, in close collaboration with users.

WP 4 Implementation: Test the tools in connection with project partners.

WP 5 Development of Tool: Use experiences from testing to improve tools and to develop openly accessible tools