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CET Lunch: The textile tangle: Overconsumption and lack of circularity – The municipal role(s) in untying the knot

Welcome to our virtual and physical seminar with Kjersti S. Hegsbro, advisor at Klimaetaten, City of Bergen.

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Our CET Lunches are hybrid.
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Our speaker will attend physically. Participants can sign up and tune in via stream, or turn up at CET where lunch will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

About the talk:

Closing the loop on textiles in Bergen faces multiple challenges through the entire value chain: Overproduction and consumption, the use of synthetic fibers, limited available circular services (such as repair, redesign, renting, swapping etc), lack of systems for waste collection and complicated processes for material recycling. Solving these challenges require broad collaboration, and the municipality aim to function as a catalyst for transition.

But what are the municipal roles in ensuring a more circular consumption of textiles? Textile is a new topic for us, with uncertainties regarding both the municipal responsibility, as well as how we should engage and prioritize. There is a need to establish how this role can play out in practice.

In this presentation I will talk about some of the projects we have planned this autumn, along with ideas we have for future efforts and collaborations. Also, I wish to discuss some of our main issues related to the textile tangle, and invite you to share your perspectives and ideas with us.

About the speaker:

Kjersti Sollund Hegsbro is an advisor in circular economy at the Climate Agency, City of Bergen. She finished her Master’s thesis in Human Geography at the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation in 2021, studying the possibilities and challenges of a consumption-based approach to climate transition at the municipal level. Circular economy is a relatively new concept for Norwegian municipalities, and Kjersti is currently working on developing the new circular practices, processes and structures for the City of Bergen.