Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)
CET 5 years

CET 5: Breakfast meeting. Collaboration - what is it good for?

Welcome to our third and last breakfast meeting celebrating CET's 5th anniversary! In this last meeting, we ask: How do we successfully achieve transformative collaboration for sustainable cities? Open for everyone.

blue background with images of obstacles with text in norwegian "Hinderløypen. Frokostmøte #1
Welcome to our third and final breakfast meeting of our "hinderløypen" series
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This meeting is in collaboration with our colleagues at Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP).

Creating cities that are sustainable, liveable and fair depends on collaboration across all sectors. Cities are key actors in climate and energy transformation. More than half of the world's population lives in cities and urban areas represent more than 70% of the world’s emissions. At the same time, cities are highly unequal and sustainability interventions may disproportionally impact certain groups. In this meeting, we will learn from best practices on how to effectively use collaboration as a tool for sustainable cities:

What are the barriers and opportunities for transformative collaboration across sectors? What can cities in the global North and global South learn from one another? Who should be in the room and what type of knowledge is needed to create sustainable and fair cities?

Zarina Patel is an Associate Professor from the University of Cape Town. Her research addresses the politics and practices of achieving just and sustainable cities through collaborative and transdisciplinary approaches.

Tarje I. Wanvik is Director of the Agency for Planning and Building Services at the City of Bergen (Plan- og bygningsetaten). He has a background as a researcher at the University of Bergen working with sustainable urban transformations.

The conversation is moderated by Jakob Grandin, researcher at CET, University of Bergen.

Coffee and something to eat on a first come first served basis.