Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

Actionable research in times of climate emergency

Welcome to a celebration of CET's 5th anniversary! We invite affiliates, colleagues, students and friends to join us on the 27th of October as we reflect on what we have achieved and where do we go from here. Register by October 19.

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Join us in marking 5 years of actionable knowledge on the 27th of October

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CET was launched on the 27th of October,2017, under the title Rapid societal change to meet the climate challenge. Five years on, we have gone from a climate challenge to a climate emergency. This raises the question of where do we go from here, or what does it mean to do actionable research in times of climate emergency?

In this symposium marking CET’s fifth anniversary, we reflect on what we have done – the research produced, the contributions of CET researchers who have gone on to do important work elsewhere. But primarily, we will look ahead, and discuss where research on transformations towards sustainability should go next.

We have invited inspiring CET researchers both past and present, as well as some special guests, to highlight themes relevant for the next five years.

Register here for the symposium.

Tentative program:

08.30Doors open, coffee and mingling 
09.00Welcome address 

Climate knowledge in society 

A discussion about actionable knowledge in society

10.00Coffee break 

Local innovation and climate action 

A conversation across the silos between: 

  • Stina Oseland, Climate director of Bergen and CET Alumn
  • Prof. Lars Coenen, Mohn centre for Innovation and regional development and former City of Melbourne Chair of Resilient Cities 

What’s next for CET 

A showcase of current CET research 

  • Roles of networks in the governance of urban logistics. Subina Shresta, PhD candidate
  • Discourses and practices on the fringes of the environmental movement. Ida Sekanina, PhD Candidate
  • Climate networks, populidm and (re)politicization. Mahir Yazar, Postdoctoral fellow

Stories from the field. 

  • Devyn Remme, PhD Candidate. Zambia
  • Siddharth Sareen, Associate Professor UiS/CET. India

Pathways out of Norway’s oil dependency 

  • Prof. David Jordhus- Lier, UiO 
  • Associate Professor Siddharth Sareen, UiS/CET

Closing words

Canapé and a skål for CET