Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

VVV & CET Lunch: What are we really discussing when we talk about climate policies?

Welcome to our hybrid & engaging CET Lunch seminar with Marthe Elden Wilhelmsen, PhD Candidate at UiA. The event is part of the Varmere Våtere Villere-festival.

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Our CET Lunches are hybrid.
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Our speaker will attend in person. Participants can sign up and tune in via stream, or turn up at CET where lunch will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

NB! This CET Lunch will take place at 9th floor, SV-building.

About the talk:

Even though climate change is a complex challenge and has been generally accepted, cultural and social aspects influence the belief or disbelief on the matter, and how we should and should not act. This presentation focuses on the opinion-based identity of climate policy skeptics, specifically connected to the aspects of marginalization, trust and exclusion. This research suggests that identity-based values and emotions are important to recognize when understanding the complexities of climate policy skepticism.

About the speaker:

Marthe Elden Wilhelmsen is a PhD research fellow at the University of Agder and is doing an ethnographic study of values and perceptions connected to climate policies. What are we really discussing when we talk about climate policies? Fields of interest: environment, sociology, communication, improvisation, drama pedagogical methods and being a proud owner of 25 plants.

Varmere Våtere Villere

This event takes place during the climate festival Varmere Våtere Villere (VVV), and is part of the festival's expanded program. The vision of VVV is to make the climate debate more available and engaging for everyone by creating an informal and social arena, discussing everything from the big global questions to the everyday actions. The expanded program takes place in day time with a number of partners. Questions should be directed to the organizers of the event. More info at: https://www.varmerevaterevillere.no/paraplyprogram