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Future of aviation and travel

Welcome to this international online workshop series on sustainable travel practices with capacity building and networking. The workshops run on March 7th, March 21st and March 28th.

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A series of three TRANSFLIGHT workshops will be organised March 2023 for actors and stakeholders involved in leisure, business and academic travel sectors. These workshops will examine current best practice in terms international (air) travel and assess the policy implications of the Paris agreement. The aim of the workshop series is to promote mutual learning and identify concrete opportunities for rapid reduction of carbon emissions within our respective organisations.

Workshop 1 - Scoping the challenge: Aligning organisational travel goals with the Paris Agreement

March 7th at 1330-1500 CET | In this workshop, we will examine the implications of global, European and national climate targets (including subtargets for the aviation/transport sector) for our work within organisations. We will establish the implications of the Paris Agreement for local activities and strategies. We will learn how setting ambitious climate targets for transport can foster innovation in our organisations.

Workshop 2 - Learning from frontrunners: Best practices for low-carbon travel in Austria and the Nordics

March 21st at 1330-1500 CET | Already a number of organisations are developing practices to reduce the climate impacts their travel. In this workshop, a number of front- runner organisations have been invited to share their work in the field. We will discuss the range of approaches employed by these organisations, such as the role of ICT solutions, behaviour change campaigns, target setting and regulatory measures.

Workshop 3 - Roadmaps: Policy implications and concrete measures for rapid decarbonisation of air

March 28th at 1330-1530 CET | A rapid decarbonisation of the aviation sector is necessary in order to meet international climate commitments. But what policies and measures will be able to bend the curve? Gathering participants from the business, leisure and academic sector, this workshop will identify concrete measures to reduce emissions from aviation and international travel. 

About TRANSFLIGHT - shaping the future of air travel

All sectors must reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve climate targets. In the case of air travel in particular, so-called "carbon lock-in" in conjunction with increasing globalization, is leading to a steadily rising demand for air travel around the world. Against this backdrop, the TRANSFLIGHT projects examines opportunities for rapid decarbonisation of air travel behaviour with a particular focus on leisure, business and academic travel. The project brings together perspectives from Austria and the Scandinavian countries.


Contact Jakob Grandin if you are interested in joining. Limited spaces are available.