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A critical introduction to Joan Martinez-Alier: political ecology, justice and degrowth

Welcome to a symposium on the works of Joan Martinez-Alier, 2023 Holberg Prize Laureate.

Portrait of Joan Martinez-Alier
Joan Martinez-Alier, Holberg Prize Laureate 2023, is a professor emeritus at the Environmental Science and Technology Institute of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB). He is also professor emeritus at Latin American Social Sciences Institute (FLACSO), Quito.
Joan Vidal

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This year’s winner of the Holberg Prize, Joan Martinez-Alier, has made significant contributions to ecological economics, political ecology, and environmental justice. More recently, he has also become a public intellectual in the degrowth movement.

In this symposium, scholars familiar with his work will provide critical introductions to his work. Then there will be a debate between presenters, with openings for comments and questions from the audience, about the merits and usefulness of this scholarship.  

12.00-12.15:   Coffee and snacks

12.15-12.30:   Brief overview of the work of Joan Martinez-Alier by Håvard Haarstad, Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation, UiB

12.30-13.00:   Political ecology and degrowth by Tor Arve Benjaminsen, NMBU

13.00-13.30:   Environmental justice and injustice by Anwesha Dutta, Chr. Michelsen Institute

13.30-14.00:   Discussion

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