Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

CET Lunch: Norwegian citizen's thoughts on climate (in)justice

Welcome to our hybrid CET Lunch seminar with Thea Gregersen, senior researcher, NORCE

Portrait of Thea Gregersen
Our CET Lunches are hybrid.

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Our speaker will attend in person. Participants can sign up and tune in via stream, or turn up at CET where lunch will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

The concept of climate justice is frequently discussed within academic literature focusing on the societal impacts of climate change or climate policy. Rather than focusing on climate justice from the perceptive of academia, NGOs, protest groups, or politicians, we are interested in what the Norwegian public deem relevant with regards to the relationship between climate change and injustice. In this presentation, I show the results of asking a representative sample of the Norwegian public (N = 1647) the open-ended question “There is sometimes talk of injustice in relation to climate change. What, if anything, do you think might be unjust?".

About the speaker

Thea Gregersen holds a PhD in (climate) psychology from UiB and research people's attitudes, feelings, and behavior related to climate change and climate measures. Her research is primarily based on large surveys. She coordinates the climate and environment group in the Norwegian Citizen Panel together with Endre Tvinnereim and Gisela Böhm.

Thea regularly publishes results from the Norwegian Citizen Panel (in Norwegian) on the page "Folk Mener": https://energiogklima.no/tema/folk-mener/