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Chinese Law Summer Program (CLSP)

Chinese Law Summer Program (CLSP) is a collaboration program between Renmin Law School, five american universities and the Faculty of Law in Bergen.

Chinese Law Summer Program (CLSP)

A total of 30 students from different countries, including 10 from the University of Bergen, attended the summer school in Beijing in 2016. This photo shows the whole group gathered in Tiananmen Square.
André Kvalvågnes

Main content

As part of the course "Legal history and comparative law with special focus on Chinese legal culture", law students from Bergen have the opportunity to attend the Chinese Law Summer Programme at Renmin University in Beijing. The summer programme has been organised each year since 1998 by Renmin University Law School.  Renmin University Law School is regularly ranked as one of the two best legal faculties in China, and there is a great interest in attending the programme among the students from Bergen.

One of the aims of the Chinese summer programme is to encourage the participating students to undertake a longer exchange programme in China once they have made further progress with their studies. The Faculty of Law has had student exchange agreements with several Chinese universities since 2011 and has both sent and received students under these agreements.

An overview of the Chinese legal system

The Program provides an overview of the Chinese legal system and focuses on the evolution of Chinese domestic law within the country's socialist market economy. The Program also provides insight into areas of law of contemporary importance, such as labor law and environmental law.
In 2017, the curriculum is expected to include the following subjects:

  • Overview of the Chinese Legal System. Constitutional Law Lawyering System and Criminal Procedure Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Foreign Investment and Joint Ventures
  • Labor Law
  • Company Law
  • Contract LawArbitrating Disputes with Chinese Entities

Culture and society

As the programme also aim to enrich the students insight in to the Chinese culture and society the schedule also include visits to numerous government offices and agencies, such as the National People’s Congress, the Supreme People’s Court or the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, a Basic People's Court, an international arbitration agency, and a major Chinese law firm. In addition the program includes sightseeing trips to major cultural attractions in and around Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, and the Great Wall. During the stay the afternoons and weekends are free for the students to study, do sightseeing or other activities.

CLSP has been offered since 2016 and is very popular amongst the students at the faculty. As the the programme is almost fully financed from Lånekassen and Bergen Konfutse Institute, it is possible for must students to apply. 

There is more information about the program on the webpage of McKinney School of Law, one of the collaborating american universities.