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How old is China?

How old is China? According to Lloyd Tom Wilson this question may have many answers, depending on how you look at it.

How old is China - Lloyd Tom Wilson


In this interview Wilson is pointing at China as a land which has undergone huge changes over a period of a few years, and how China has an organic approach to law. The developement of the society is rapidly changing and it is very demanding for legislators to keep the pace. As an example Wilson is mentioning that China has had four constitutions since 1949, and that all four of them has represented big changes within the Chinese law and in the society in general.

Tom Wilson is a professor at Indiana University McKinney School of Law. He has years of experience in international cooperation and has, since 2008, been a leading force in the schools cooperation with Chinese partners. He is also director for the Chinese Law Summer Program (CLSP).

The Faculty of Law in Bergen has been a partner in the CLSP programe since the spring of 2016, and during these two years altogether 25 of our students has experienced the Chinese law system at first hand through a four week stay at Renmin University School of Law in Beijing. The closing date to apply for CLSP 2018 is the 30th of november where 16 student are admitted.