Norwegian China Law Centre
Unique opportunity in Hong Kong

Norwegian China Law Centre awarded funding from the InternAbroad programme

The Norwegian China Law Centre was recently awarded NOK 300 000 through the InternAbroad programme.

Hong Kong skylight
Hong Kong skylight


The funding will support the development of a new clinical law programme providing law students at the University of Bergen, Faculty of Law, with the opportunity to combine university studies with an internship at international companies located in Hong Kong, China while studying in Hong Kong for a semester.

Unique opportunity for students to work with international law in Hong Kong

The internship placements gives the students unique hands-on experience from working in an international environment and working with international law. The students will get the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of international business law while working and living in a country different from their own. This will provide them with an important intercultural understanding and competence. "Combining the internship with studies of selected law courses at Hong Kong law schools will increase and strengthen the learning outcome of the internship, and vice versa", says Professor and centre leader Bjørnar Borvik. 

Internship and studies in Beijing and Shanghai

So far, 21 students have gotten the opportunity to experience both studies and working in an international organization in Shanghai and Beijing through the established and very successful programme Chinese Law Studies with Clinical Placement offered in Mainland-China since 2017.

Seven new students have been accepted for the spring semester 2019, and will be travelling to Bejjing and Shanghai in February 2019.

The Faculty of Law has interviewed previous students attending the programme. In this video, they share some of their personal experience https://vimeo.com/250081536

Collaboration with top universities and the Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The new program in Hong Kong will be based on the same premises as the existing program in Beijing and Shanghai, China. The program is a collaboration between The Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen, City University of Hong Kong, and the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. Throughout the two-year start up project period financed by InternAbroad, Norwegian China Law Centre will establish cooperative agreements with both additional law schools in Hong Kong and partners in the business sector to secure a sufficient number of study places and internship positions. The current partners of the project will have their first meeting regarding the new program in Bergen at the end of November.