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Every 15 seconds, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease. Two thirds of these deaths happen in developing countries. This can be prevented with knowledge and education.

MOOC in Occupational Health

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Occupational Health in Developing Countries is an open online course created at University of Bergen. The new course begins March 13, 2023. There are no course fees. You can sign up now. It is also possible to sign up after the course has started. 

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Together with colleagues at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, Muhim­bili University of Health and Allied Sciences and Occupational Safety and Health Authority in Tanzania, Centre for International Health at the Univer­sity of Bergen (UiB), Norway, has created an online course to reach health personnel all over the world — with the purpose of improving health and life of workers in developing countries.

Target group

The course is at a Master level, but also other students can benefit from the information. This course is open to anyone, although previous degree-level study in medicine, dentistry, health sciences or natural sciences, and a good knowledge of English, will be helpful.

About the course

The course lasts six weeks and will teach you basic knowledge of occupa­tional health and how to prevent the development of diseases and inju­ries, which are caused by working conditions in developing countries.


Bente E. Moen, Magne Bråtveit, Ole J. Møllerløkken and Gro Tjalvin.