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Interfaculty gatherings for UiB staff in Uganda

Representatives from several Faculties at the UiB met at Makerere University in November.

View over Kampala
B.E. Moen

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Makerere University has for many years been an important partner for the University of Bergen in education and research.

Annual meetings

In November, several events involving staff at UiB were scheduled in the same week at Makerere, for instance Annual meetings between partners and NORAD for the Norhed projects WASO and Survival pluss and midway evaluations for three  PhD candidates. This led to several formal as well as informal interfacultary meetings involving staff members from UiB.

Meeting with the Norwegian ambassador

The Norwegian ambassador in Kampala, Susan Eckey, showed great generousity and invited the staff from UiB to a reception in her garden, together with the Director of NORAD, Jon Lomøy. Staff from the Faculty of Medicine, Faulty of Humanities as well as Faulty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD) were present. Steinar Sætre from KMD surprised us all and entertained with lovely music, and it was a great evening.

UIB office at Makerere University

We will use this opportunity to tell that UiB has office space available for their staff, located at Makerere University. This possibility is a very nice gesture from Makerere which we are very grateful for. If you, as UiB staff, need an office space in Kampala, please contact Thorkild Tylleskär or Kristin Svartveit.