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Angela Akol: Investigating Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Uganda

Increasing access to child and adolescent health services in Uganda is at the heart of Angela Akol's study

Angela Akol
Angela Akol
Solomon Kebede

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Akol is from Uganda joined CIH’s PhD program with a 15 years- long rich experience in the fields of family planning and reproductive health services. Research, program management and engaging with health system leaders have been her major responsibilities in her country’s health system.

However her involvement with adolescents and children focusing on the improvement of health care services to this group is the motivation behind her current PhD project. It was here that she identified a gap in the integration of mental health services within the primary health care system. 

Angela’s PhD project takes the title “Investigating Access to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Uganda”. Her goal is to find out ways of increasing child and adolescent mental health services by integrating the works\services of primary health workers and traditional healers in Uganda.

Academically Angela has secured her MD from Makerere University’s College of Health Sciences as well as an MA in reproductive health and population studies from the same university.

On top of her PhD studies, Angela is engaged in teaching Experimental Epidemiology to  Masters and PhD students at CIH .