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Nordic Network on Global Health - Background and Aims

This Global Health network was established in 2017 with support from Norplus, and comprises universities from five Nordic countries.

Group photo Nordic network in global health
Bente E. Moen

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Background and main aim:

Global health challenges are complex and involve a broad spectrum of focus areas, approaches and actors at global, national and local levels. We aim to offer state-of-the art courses that engage students in reflective, critical and active learning processes. The University of Bergen now joins forces with other Nordic universities in an effort to further expand our course portfolio, and to benefit from the learning in other Nordic enviroments of higher education. With a particular commitment to equity and to partnership models in global health, the Nordic countries aim to build an extensive knowledge network to strengten the already strong profiles within global health education.


  • student mobility
  • staff mobility
  • possible development of joint online courses
  • identify new Nordic participants/universities to be included in the network


Nordplus Project ID: NPHE-2018/10323


Final report 2017