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.doc talk is an informal newsletter that highlights tips and resources for Academic and English writing. The newsletter also links to experiences and information relating to academic and research careers. Its intended target group is researchers, particularly young researchers – but including researchers of all ages, and particularly those who do not have English as their mother tongue.

.doc Talk II
Elinor Bartle

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Much can be said about English being so prevalent in academic writing. .doc talk is not the arena for this discussion. Its aim to help and support people writing in English. Since the first .doc talk series was written in the mid 1990s, the internet has grown dramatically. Today, the number of excellent resources available in this field is increasing exponentially. This new .doc talk series aims to highlight some of the many excellent postings on social media, as well as including items from books, journals and personal communications.

Nature, Science and the Lancet (and others) are also beginning to recognise the “human” dimension of research, and are starting to regularly publish short articles, comments etc on writing, academic careers, ethical issues etc. .doc talk shares some of these links.

.doc talk aims to also be “fun”. Packaging serious, important information in an accessible, enjoyable, short format.

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Input is welcome. Tips, feedback …

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