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Nordic Global Health Talks - 3 March 2022

The Nordic universities arranges monthly webinar series about Global Health. It began 6 Jan. 2021. The webinar series are hosted at University of Copenhagen.

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Københavns Universitet, School of Global Health

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Topic 3 March:

The missing link between clinical guidelines and reality: co-creation with birth attendants in Tanzania

The presentation is by Nanna Maaløe, University of Copenhagen.

About the talk:

To end the international crisis of preventable deaths in low- and middle-income countries, evidence-informed and cost-efficient health care is urgently needed, for which clinical practice guidelines are pivotal. However, from several fields of medicine, fundamental gaps continue to be reported between internationally derived clinical guidelines and realistic best practice. Within maternal health, the PartoMa project in Tanzania aims at addressing this long-standing injustice of leaving health providers without useful guidance. This session will give insight into Nanna Maaløe and her colleagues’ work on the PartoMa project, and more broadly to challenges and strengths in both non-contextualized and contextualized clinical decision support tools.

A monthly webinar series about global health from the Nordic universities.The first Thursday of each month at 2 pm (Copenhagen-time), you can tune in online via Zoom and listen to an interesting global health lecture from a Nordic university. It is free and open to everyone interested in knowing more about Nordic global health research, education and collaborative projects.


Learn more from the Nordic Global Health Talks website.

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