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Monthly Nordic Global Health Talks - 1 Sept 2022

The Nordic universities arranges monthly webinar series about Global Health. It began 6 Jan. 2021. The webinar series are hosted at University of Copenhagen.

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Nordic Global Health Talks

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Topic 1 Sept:

The influence of high and low temperature on human health: how do we adapt to the changing climate? 

The presentation is by Tiina Ikäheimo from UiT Arctic University of Norway.

Climate change involves not only global warming, but also higher variation in temperature and number of heat and cold spells rendering preparedness challenging. High and low temperature impair human performance and can result in adverse health effects through exacerbation of chronic diseases (morbidity, mortality) or higher occurrence of temperature related injuries and accidents. These affect both occupational and leisure time activities. The lecture describes the main temperature-related health effects and with a special emphasis on vulnerable populations. Adaptation to temperature extremes involve short- and long-term preparedness and broad multisector co-operation for its implementation. Increasing awareness and real-time monitoring with warning systems are keys to successful protection and for reducing or preventing adverse temperature- health effects. Tiina Ikäheimo is a professor in occupational health and has studied the influence of climate on human health and performance.

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About Nordic Global Health Talks

Nordic Global Health Talks is a monthly webinar series about global health from the Nordic universities.The first Thursday of each month at 2 pm (Copenhagen-time), you can tune in online via Zoom and listen to an interesting global health lecture from a Nordic university. It is free and open to everyone interested in knowing more about Nordic global health research, education and collaborative projects.


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