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Monthly Nordic Global Health Talks - 3 November 2022

The Nordic universities arranges monthly webinar series about Global Health. It began 6 Jan. 2021. The webinar series are hosted at University of Copenhagen.

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Nordic Global Health Talks

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Topic 3 November:

Capacity development for healthcare systems in low- and middle-income countries

Speaker: Gilbert Tumwine, Lund University

About the talk

Access to high-quality sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) services is essential for human survival. In many low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) access is inadequate, and this results in high unmet health needs. For example, almost half of pregnancies in LMICs are unplanned.

Unmet SRHR needs result in ill-health and preventable deaths both of which undermine socio-economic development. Due to underinvestment in healthcare systems, there is inadequate capacity in human resources and in the institutions to deliver high-quality and reliable SRHR services in many LMICs. Additionally, in many settings, religious and cultural beliefs negate essential public health interventions aimed at improving access to SRHR in many LMICs.

In this session, we shall explore and describe how capacity development through advanced training in sexual and reproductive health and rights approaches can contribute to improvements in access to, and demand for, SRHR services in the context of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds in Africa and Asia.

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About Nordic Global Health Talks

Nordic Global Health Talks is a monthly webinar series about global health from the Nordic universities.The first Thursday of each month at 2 pm (Copenhagen-time), you can tune in online via Zoom and listen to an interesting global health lecture from a Nordic university. It is free and open to everyone interested in knowing more about Nordic global health research, education and collaborative projects.


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