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Monthly Nordic Global Health Talks - 2 February 2023

The Nordic universities arranges monthly webinar series about Global Health. It began 6 Jan. 2021. The webinar series are hosted at University of Copenhagen.

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Nordic Global Health Talks

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Invitation to Nordic Global Health Talks #22

Children’s brain development in a polluted world: Inequalities and opportunities

Speaker: Kam Sripada, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Thursday 2 February 2023, 10.00 am CET

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About the talk

Brain development in the early years lays the foundation for lifelong cognitive function, productivity, and mental health. Yet children are surrounded by mixtures of unregulated toxic chemicals in their everyday environments. Toxic metals, e-waste, air pollution, conflict-related contamination, and untested chemicals in everyday products make up a chemical cocktail which threatens children’s health and prenatal development globally. Pollution is linked with worse neurodevelopment, such as lower IQ, behavioral problems, and higher risk for neurodegenerative disease. At the same time, climate change linked to pollution is undermining development gains and livelihood options for today's children.

About Nordic Global Health Talks

Nordic Global Health Talks is a monthly webinar series about global health from the Nordic universities.The first Thursday of each month at 2 pm (Copenhagen-time), you can tune in online via Zoom and listen to an interesting global health lecture from a Nordic university. It is free and open to everyone interested in knowing more about Nordic global health research, education and collaborative projects.

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Nordic Global Health Talks

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