Centre for International Health

Breakfast seminar: Global health and disability – a lifespan perspective

You are warmly welcome to attend a morning seminar at Centre for International Health, titled" Global health and disability". The seminar is led by Professor Marianne Hedlund, Dept for Social Work, NTNU. You find the registration link on the page below.

Sculpture of Indian god with four arms, a crown, necklase and yellow and green skirt.
Marianne Hedlund

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08.00 – 08.05    Welcome

08.05 – 08.15    Why is disability an important global issue and  important to public health and social care (prof. Marianne Hedlund - NTNU)

08.15 – 08.30    Involving children with disabilities in evidence generation: Ethical considerations (prof. Anita Kar – SP Pune University, India)

08.30 – 8.45      Defining disability in a global context and measurements of life quality (prof. Arne H. Eide – Sintef Digital/NTNU)

08.45 – 08.55    Lessons learned about global student interactions (Ph.D. fellow Fleurtje Huiskes - NTNU)

08.55 – 09.05    Life course risk factors and Functional decline in the elderly (prof. Aarti Nagaskar – SP Pune University, India) (virtual)

09.05                  Mingling