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Information about admission to the Global Health course

Here you will find information on admission requirements, application forms, application deadlines and contact persons.

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-Who can apply for this course:

Medical students at University of Bergen in elective term (finished 3 years), or students with similar background, can apply for this course.
Students in the Medical Student Research Program may apply, but will have to demonstrate that the course is relevant for their research project and must have a recommendation from their supervisor.
The number of students selected depends on the number of vacant spaces in the field sites. If there are more applicants than can be accommodated, there will be drawing lots

-Application deadline: March 1
Application forms can be found here
(Under "Søknad om global helse")

-Contact persons:

Scientific contact:
Professor Sven Gudmund Hinderaker, Sven.Hinderaker@uib.no

Administrative contact:
Student advisor Linda Karin Forshaw, Linda.Forshaw@uib.no

Information centre for students: info@med.uib.no