Poverty and Equity cKMC

This study is a sub-study of CISMACs main cKMC trial and aims to evaluate the impact on fairness outcomes among the poor in two districts in North India.

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Community initiated Kangaroo Mother Care for low birth weight infants: a poverty and equity impact evaluation

Embedded in the ongoing trial, which estimates the survival benefits of promoting Kangaroo Mother Care at home (cKMC) to low birth weight (LBW) babies, this study will use the concentration index to estimate whether socioeconomic inequality in neonatal and early infant survival is more pronounced in the intervention or in the control groups. Further, this extension of the trial will estimate the household out-of-pocket expenses for illnesses that may be prevented by cKMC. It will also assess the extent to which out-of-pocket expenses for health care contribute to household impoverishment. Should cKMC prove effective in enhancing equity in child survival and in substantially reducing family expenditures, possibly even preventing catastrophic health expenditures, the findings of this added study could be of critical importance for scaling up Kangaroo Mother Care in India, as well as in other countries where many babies are born with LBW.


Principal Investigator:
Sarmila Mazumder, Society for Applied Studies, India

Principal Investigator:
Kjell Arne Johansson, University of Bergen, Norway