Norwegian Citizen Panel

About the panel

The Norwegian Citizen Panel is a research survey, led by the University of Bergen. Ideas2Evidence are responsible for the practical operation of the survey, with support from the University of Bergen.

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Initiator of the Norwegian Citizen Panel is Professor Elisabeth Ivarsflaten. She, professor Stefan Dahlberg and the steering group have the professional responsibility for the study.  Their mandate is to make continuous decisions on behalf of The Norwegian Citizen Panel.

The establishment of the Citizen Panel happened in 2013, as a collaboration  by The Department of Comparative Politics, The Department of Administration and Organization Theory, The Department of Information Science and Media Studies and The Department of Sociology, all at the Social Science Faculty at the University of Bergen, in addition to NORCE. Numerous researchers and administrators from these organisations are involved in the operation and development of the citizen panel. From 2016 - 2020 DIGSSCORE and the Norwegian Citizen Panel was largely financed by the Trond Mohn Foundation, while from 2021 the University of Bergen finances the Citizen Panel.

The Norwegian Citizen Panel cooperates with Ideas2Evidence in regards to the operation of the survey. Ideas2Evidence is responsible for recruiting participants, coding the survey and fielding it. The panel is also followed up by internal support functions of the University of Bergen, mainly at DIGSSCORE. For information about the methodology, go to the DIGSSCORE-pages.