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Arqus Academic Debate on energy as a pillar, driver and goal of today's world

The third Arqus Academic Debate took place on 2nd December. Listen to the debate on the Arqus YouTube channel.

Arqus Academic Debate #3: Energy as a pillar, driver and goal of today's world

Arqus Academic Debate

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The third Arqus Academic Debate, "Energy as a pillar, driver and goal of today's world" took place on 2nd December 2020.

You can view all the recorded debate on the Arqus YouTube channel.

Together with water, energy is one of the pillars of life and human activities. Nowadays it is impossible to make any reliable prediction about our future without a deep and unbiased reflection on energy. It underlies the most important topics like migrations, wars, tensions among countries, technological competition, public health and others.

The impact of energy on human life is so remarkable that its hot topics, so to speak, have not even been affected by the pandemic: Mankind has needed clean, sustainable and profitable energy before and after COVID-19.

Behind its inherent importance, the different points of view and polemics about energy have influenced political decisions. Thus, the pros and cons of nuclear power or the policy on renewable energies are always present in the political agendas of governments and international bodies like the UN and EU.

In this Arqus Academic Debate, moderated by Antonio Peña García (University of Granada), the current situation and perspectives on energy will be addressed. Renewable energies, nuclear power, the future control of fusion and the central role of energy in the geopolitical landscape will be treated by Arqus experts:

  • Isabelle Michallet, Université de Lyon (France)
  • Ekaterina Domorenok, University of Padua (Italy)
  • Valentín Molina Moreno, University of Granada (Spain).
  • Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, University of Bergen (Norway)