The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

UiB-students: Questions and answers about the coronavirus

Here you will find information regarding covid-19 and the different measures at UiB.

Illustration COVID-19

LATEST: Tuesday 29 September Bergen Municipality chose not to extend the local corona measures, and will go back to following the national guidelines. UiB and the faculties will start physical and digital teaching as originally planned for the autumn semester as soon as possible.

Students must check Mitt UiB for updated information about teaching and classes on their study program/courses.

Semester startup

Covid-19 and protective measures for students

Before you enter UiB's campus and buildings, you must complete UiB's e-learning course in infection prevention. The course is obligatory for students and staff. 

Go to e-learning course in infection prevention

General infection prevention measures

  • Keep at least one meter away from people not in your household
  • Keep washing your hands regularly and thoroughly
  • If you are feeling unwell, stay isolated

Infection control measures on school exams

The University of Bergen will conduct school examinations as planned this semester as far as possible within guidelines from national and local authorities regarding infection control. Read more about infection control measures and school examinations

How will the semester startup take place?

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, semester startup will most likely be different from previous semesters. We will keep you updated on our webpages for new students and through email.

All you need to know during your first weeks as a UiB student

I am a new international student at UiB. What do I need to know?

Illness, symptoms and infection control

I have symptoms of a respiratory tract infection. What should I do?

If you get symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, sore throat or feeling sick you must stay off campus, and you must call Bergen municipality's  coronavirus hotline 55 56 77 00 to get testet. The hotline is open on weekdays 08.00-20.00, weekends 09.00 -14.00. Testing is free.

More information from Bergen municipality on the coronavirus and testing

I have been in close contact with someone who has a confirmed covid-19 infection. What should I do?

This means you have been exposed to infection and you should get tested. You must stay at home until the test result is available and you are symptom-free. This is to reduce the risk of infecting other people.

Information from Bergen municipality about how to get tested for coronavirus (covid-19)

Regarding covid-19, how do you define a close contact?

You are considered a close contact if you have been near someone who has a confirmed COVID-19 infection;

  • AND you were two metres or closer to them for 15 minutes or more during the period from 48 hours prior to the onset of their symptoms and until the person has ended the isolation
  • OR you have been in direct contact (e.g hugging or shaking hands) or been in contact with secretes such as saliva, sweat, snot, mucus and tears from someone who is ill.

Read more about testing, symptoms and course of the disease on helsenorge.no

I want to get tested. What do I do?

If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, sore throat or feeling sick you must call the Coronavirus hotline (0047) 55 56 77 00 to get testet. Open weekdays 08.00 - 20.00, weekends 09.00 -14.00. Testing is free.

Test station at Bergen lufthavn, Flesland (Airport) 

International travellers and people travelling from abroad are recommended to be tested for coronavirus on arrival.  A test station for coronavirus has been established at Bergen lufthavn, Flesland (airport). Testing is free.

Information from Bergen municipality about how to get tested for coronavirus (covid-19)

Test centre at UiB

If you do not have any symptoms, but you need to get tested (i.e. after having been in close contact with a person with confirmed covid-19 disease) UiB offer testing for some priority student or staff groups at "Legene På Høyden".

Read more about which groups that are allowed to get tested at UiB's test centre

I have been diagnosed with covid-19. What should I do?

UiB are taking measures to control the spread of the coronavirus. If you are a student at UiB and have been diagnosed with covid-19, please notify UiB as soon as possible. 

Your information will be treated confidentially, and will only be available for the HR department and for the leaders at your unit.

If you are a tenant at Sammen (The Student Welfare Organisation), you should also notify Sammen by sending an email to bolig@sammen.no.

I feel ill and need medical treatment. What do I do?

If you are ill and need medical assistance, call the local medical service at 116 117. In the event of critical illness, phone 113.  Google map: Local medical service in Bergen  (Legevakten) Information about the coronavirus in different languages 

Classes and examination

Covid-19 and protective measures at UiB

Before showing up at UiB's campus, all students and staff must complete an e-learning cours in infection prevention

If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, you must fill in this form. We do this to enable UiB to take measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus infections.

How will teaching/tutoring and examinations be organised?

You will find information on Mitt UiB on how the teaching/tutoring will be arranged. Please check Mitt UiB for further information and changes made for your classes.

If you have further questions, please contact your faculty or your information centre.

I have been put in quarantine, how can this affect my studies?

If you are prevented from attending the exam or compulsory activity due to the quarantine given by a doctor, the same rules apply as for a sick leave. You may also be entitled to sick leave if a doctor considers you to be isolated because you may be infected with the coronavirus. 

Read more: Illness and examination

I have to stay at home with my children. Which rules apply in terms of study progression and examinations?

UiB will, as far as possible, try to make arrangements for students to maintain study progression and have their exams taken. Please contact your faculty for information on special arrangements concerning your examination and teaching.

Travelling and international students

I have applied for exchange at UiB. How do I relate?

The University of Bergen is planning to welcom exchange students from all our partner institutions in the spring semester of 2021. We will offer as much on-campus teaching as possible. All on-campus teaching and the student's work spaces will meet the national guidelines of societal gatherings. Read more about exchange at UiB for the spring semester of 2021

I am a non-Norwegian citizen on exchange from UiB abroad. How should I relate?

If you are a non-Norwegian citizen on exchange from UiB abroad, please follow the travel advice given by your home country. Read more information about student exchange here 

I have been traveling outside Norway. What should I do?

Is it dangerous to travel by city rail, bus, train, plane?

You are advised to limit your use of public transportation as far as possible. Read more about travel advice from The Norwegian Ministry og Foreign Affairs 

Other questiones

I am a tenant at Sammen, and I think I may be infected with the coronavirus. Who should I notify?

Please inform Sammen by sending an email to bolig@sammen.no, and also contact your General Practitioner.

I have been to an area affected by the coronavirus, and I am feeling unwell. What should I do?

UiB follows national guidelines from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH). Please check their webpages for the latest updates, advice and guidelines:

NIPH: General advice and information to the public about novel coronavirus COVID-19

I am a student at the Faculty of Medicine. Which specific advice will apply for me?

If you are a student at a health profession education and have practice or clinical teaching at a health institution / clinic / pharmacy or otherwise are in contact with patients, you should in this context consider yourself a health professional and therefore follow the advice given by The Norwegian Institute of Public Health and UiB to health professionals. Please check Mitt UiB for updates from your faculty.