The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

Guidance on travel and cancellations

We have gathered some information about how to handle cancelled travels and tickets.

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For new travels, go to Advice on domestic and international travel.

Do you have questions about cancelled travels and tickets? We have gathered some information about how to handle cancelled travels and tickets.

1: Airfare / travel to destinations subject to travel restrictions

When travel/hotel stays are cancelled due to travel restrictions in connection with the corona virus, travel agency G Travel has no liability or liability for travel/ticket.

If the air ticket/travel was booked before the travel restrictions were introduced by Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), and this was paid with a University of Bergen credit card or another credit card that has travel insurance included, the trip will be replaced by the credit card company. This applies to non-refundable tickets (cheap ticket). Each individual must contact his or her credit card company to follow up on this. It is crucial that the booking was placed before the MFA announced restrictions on the destination.

The state (and thus the University of Bergen) is self-insured, and when purchasing non-refundable air tickets purchased with invoice, the university/unit must cover the expense itself.

Common for both credit card and invoice: fully flexible tickets can be cancelled free of charge. However, a small fee is incurred by the travel agency. Individuals must cancel their travel in G Travel's travel portal themselves or contact the travel agent for cancellation. It is important that the individual employee cancels, so that the airlines are also informed and can adjust as needed.

If a flight ticket/travel is booked after the date the MFA announced travel restrictions, and the journey must be cancelled, the respective unit at the University of Bergen must cover the costs. This regardless of whether the trip is paid by credit card or invoice.

2: Airfare / travel to destinations not subject to travel restrictions

If the University of Bergen decides that a trip should not be made to countries/places that are not covered by the MFA’s travel restrictions and non-refundable tickets have been purchased, the units must bear the cost unless otherwise decided. Anyone who should have travelled carries travel expenses as usual, with the addition described in point 3.

3: Refund of public fees and taxes for cancellation of non-refundable airline tickets

If cancelled via G Travel’s online portal, by email or telephone, government fees will be refunded. The refund is returned to the credit card, or credit note by invoice. If the trip is not cancelled, no government fees will be refunded.

If you have booked a trip yourself through an airline, the trip must be cancelled with the airline and then a refund of government fees is required. Routines for reimbursement can be found on the companies' websites.

4: Travel expenses for non-completed travels and flight ticket management

When completing a form for reimbursement of travel expenses, the air ticket's net amount is entered in the form, i.e. the price of the air ticket minus (reimbursement of) government fees and taxes.

5: Hotel / accommodation in Norway

If a stay in a hotel or other accommodation in Norway is booked using the university sector agreement (UH-avtalen) and paid by credit card, the stay can be cancelled as late as the day of arrival at 18 (6pm). For hotel stays by invoice or hotels booked outside the agreement, see the hotel's cancellation policy.

6: Hotel / accommodation outside of Norway

For hotel stays abroad, the hotel's own cancellation policy usually applies. If you do not have the right to cancel at no charge, the same applies as described above for airfare/travel.

7: Courses and conferences

The University of Bergen has agreements with its conference regulating deductibles according to cancellation deadlines, see the agreement portal and the conference hotels agreement for deadlines and deductibles. If a conference is cancelled and a deductible accrues, the corresponding unit must cover this cost. If the hotel cancels /closes, no cancellation fee will be charged.