The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees
Greeting from rector

- I wish to thank you all

Rector Dag Rune Olsen's greets all UiB students and staff in this video.

A greeting from UiB rector Dag Rune Olsen to students and employees

Rector Dag Rune Olsen expresses his gratitude to UiBs staff and students who meet the corona hardship with resilience and solidarity.

The last week, the daily routines of UiB has been put upside down. The corona virus and the following recommendations of social distancing have put us all in a challenging situation.

- Being a university, we must take responsibility and show solidarity with those in need. These are core values, rector Dag Rune Olsen says.

UiB goes digital

Last week, the government decided to close all campuses on universities and colleges alike. As a consequence, the rectorate has worked hard to provide the best digital tutoring possible.

- We are facing a demanding situation, and we are trying the best we can to make a digital transformation as quickly as possible, Olsen says.

He wishes to express his gratitude to all UiB employees who contribute to the transformation.

- Thanks to you, we have several digital solutions in place, and more will be ready in the next few days, Olsen says.

- Keep in touch with each other

Olsen ensures that UiB is working hard to find good solutions for this term's exams.

He encourages all students to take care of each other, and to keep in touch with those who may be alone.

- Be a friend - stand in solidarity - and contribute to the wellbeing of your fellow students, he says.