The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

Digital teaching and examinations will continue for the remainder of the spring semester

UiB has decided to continue all teaching and assessment (examination) on digital platforms for the remainder of the spring semester.

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This means that all exams (traditional school exams in examination rooms at UiB) will be changed to various forms of digital assessment which can be completed from home.

For most subjects, this transition to other forms of assessment has already been completed or well underway. Some of the subjects are challenging when it comes to creating a good transition for both digital teaching and home examination. This applies primarily to clinical subjects, and creative and performing arts subjects. The academic teams and the central administration are working together in finding ways to solve practical, technological and legal issues for these subjects.

We kindly advise students and employees to check Mitt UiB and their faculty web pages for more information on each subject/study program.

Read more: https://uib.no/en/corona