The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees
Gradual reopening of campus

Some UiB employees may be granted office access

From May 4, employees who experience home office as demanding can access their workplace on campus, after approval from the faculty or departments. It is a prerequisite that infection prevention considerations can be taken care of.

bilde av bjørn christiansens hus
UiBs building will be opened carefully and gradually. From May 4, some employees may be given access to their work place after an agreement.
Paul-Erik Rosenbaum/UiB

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On April 27, the University of Bergen (UiB) started a cautious reopening of the campus. From May 4, the faculties and departments will be given the responsibility for managing access to campus.

Home office is still the main rule. But there is now an opening for giving more employees access to the campus. Those who experience working from their home office as demanding, may be able to work from campus all of, or part of, the time. The condition is that this is done in agreement with the management of the department or faculty, and that contamination considerations are taken care of.

From May 4, employees who have aquired a permissson, may enter the UiB buildings by using their access card.

Continued measures to prevent the spread of infection

A prerequisite for being given access is that the standards of infection protection are high: 

  • All employees given access must undergo protective measures training.
  • The unit is responsible for creating a local infection prevention plan and ensuring that it is complied with.
  • No more than 5 people must gather in groups at the workplace, even if the two meter distance-rule can be complied with.
  • Employees traveling to and from campus are encouraged not to use public transportation unless it is absolutely necessary.

Note: There is no general permission to access the UiB building. Employees who have a special need for accessing their work place ought to apply for permission to their unit manager before entering.

The number of infected decides the way forward

The Ministry of Education and Research has announced that there will be no new national measures or advice for the UH sector until next week.

Further progress for reopening the campus will depend on the measures and advice from the national authorities, and the local contagion situation in Bergen. On a nationwide basis, the infection is now spread by the number of 0.66, while in Bergen it is 0.9. The crisis management team in Bergen Municipality has communicated that if this figure exceeds 1, they will consider implementing new measures to prevent the spread of infection.

The University Museum, in consultation with the university leadership, has decided that the exhibition areas at MP3 and HS10 will remain closed at least until September 1.

Planning the fall semester 

The terms of the gradual opening have been decided by the university leadership in dialogue with deans and directors at UiB's faculties and departments. The negotiating committee was informed of the decision April 29.

The university is working to detail a plan for the fall semester of 2020 with a combination of students on campus and digital teaching. Early next week, an email will be sent from the rector to all staff, with further information on the status of this work.