The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees
Gradual reopening

The University Library opens for more students: Apply for access here

From May 18 the University of Bergen Library's student workplaces will be open.

Korona: Universitetsbiblioteket åpnes for flere
The University of Bergen is still not back to normal, and some infection prevention measures will last for a long time. However, some of the corona measures may be gradually released: In the period from May 18 to June 19, workplaces at the different locations of the University Library (UB) will be open to students.
Thomas Vindal Christensen, UiB

Carefully and controlled, and with consideration to the health and security of staff and students. This is how the University of Bergen (UiB) will gradually open for students who need access to study spaces.

On May 18, the University Library's student workplaces will be open for students who have requested access.

The decision of further reopening the universities was taken by the Norwegian government on May 7. As a result, some of the corona measures at UiB may gradually be released. This means that more students can get access to campus.

Measures limit capacity

The University Library's learning centres are opening up their student workplaces and students in need can request access. Some masterstudents have been granted access to their student workplaces at their institute.

- Due to the infection prevention rules there are some limitations in this phase, but we look forward to being able to accommodate students in the University Library’s workplaces, says Oddrun Samdal, Vice-Rector for Education.

These UB student workplaces have been facilitated to meet the standards of infection prevention measures. To make sure everyone is able to follow the health authorities' advice on social distancing, there will be room for fewer people than before. This means that students who find it challenging to study at home and who need access in order not to be delayed in their studies will be given priority.

Anyone who wants to access UiB’s buildings must complete the e-learning course in protective measures for students and staff.

It is important that students on campus follow the infection preventive guidelines, also in the common areas on campus.

- UiB are continuously assessing the need for reopening additional student areas. If so, this must be done in a safe manner and in accordance with the current advice on infection prevention. 

Student work space at the University Library

If you want to borrow books or litteratur, this must stil be done via the request and pick-up service.

The libraries’ printers and PCs can be used, but it is important that you clean the equipment before and after use. There will be on-site security guards who provide information on infection control measures and ensure that these are being followed.

How do I get access?

Where can I get access?

Arts and Humanities Library, Haakon Sheteligs place 7

Law Library, Magnus Lagabøtesplats 1

Mathematics and Natural Sciences Library, Realfagbygget, Allégaten 41, entrance towards Bjørn Trumpys hus (Fysikkbygget).

Medical Library, Jonas Lies vei 91, BBB

Social Sciences, Music and Psychology Library, Fosswinckelsgate 14

Fine Art and Design Library, Møllendalsveien 61

Due to infection prevention, there are only a fixed number of student work places available at each of the University Libraries. If the available student work places are occupied, we will try to find a student work place for you at another library. When you receive confirmation regarding your access, you will be notified of which library you have access to.

UiB will continually assess the need for reopening additional student areas. In case of further reopening, this will be done in accordance with the current advice on infection prevention. 

What are the opening hours?

The library's student workplaces are open Monday-Friday from 10AM-8PM during the period May 18 May - June 19. This applies for student workplaces allocated on application to the University Library's faculty libraries.

If you for special reasons, need access to a student workplace earlier in the day, you may request access from 9AM at the Arts and Humanities Library. Please send your request by e-mail to Anne Bjørkum Åsmul. If you have already gained access to a student workplace at another faculty library, please state this in your request.  

The student workplaces are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 

Food and beverages

Sammen's on-campus cafeterias are still closed, and we kindly ask students to bring their own food and beverages when they are on campus.

When eating, it is important to follow the general contamination advice (keeping distance, good hand and cough hygiene, surface cleaning etc).