The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

How have the students handled the transition to online teaching?

During the Spring of 2020, the University of Bergen had to close access to campus for employees and students to hinder spreading of the corona virus, and all teaching and assessment were shifted to digital platforms.

Digital undervisning med studenter og underviser. Skjermdump
From the top left: Associate Ahmad Hemmati, student Mats Riveland. From the bottom left: Marie Heggebakk and cohabitant Sondre Nilsen, associate Jan-Ove Færstad.

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Never before has the University of Bergen (UiB) been in a similar situation. Overnight, university life changed for thousands of students and staff, and with closed doors on campus, an extensive digital shift began. In a short time, digital solutions were in place for lectures, public defence and staff meetings. Now, a new student survey is conducted to find out more about how this affected the study and learning situation for the students.

Different spring semester

– It has undoubtedly been a different and challenging spring for the students, but we have gained unique experiences that we must bring with us and use in the coming semesters, says the leader elect for the Student Parliament at UiB, Sandra Amalie Lid Krumsvik.

– That is why we are very happy for this survey, and we want to encourage all students to participate so that we get a good data base. This is an important opportunity to influence how our university should be in the future!

Learning from experience

Krumsvik is supported by Oddrun Samdal, the Vice-Rector for Education at UiB. The student survey is part of the DigiTrans research project (The Digital Transformation of UiB) initiated by UiB through the SLATE Learning Analysis Centre, to look at how the changes have affected the teaching situation for both staff and students.

– We want to learn from the experiences we have made so far in relation to digital teaching and assessment during the corona pandemic. UiB wants to offer our students the best opportunities for learning, says Samdal, and hopes as many as possible respond to the survey.

– Then we will have a good basis for evaluating and understanding what needs to be improved and changed for the coming semester should we need to return to a digital learning situation again later. We would also like to learn from good experiences to consider including them in our ordinary approach to teaching and assesment.

Read more about the survey and participate here

The survey is anonymous and goes out to all students at UiB. It will take approximately 10 minutes to answer different questions about the teaching and your study situation. Participants will be included in a draw for a City of Bergen Gift Card worth 1000 NOK. Five winners will be drawn.

Do you have any questions regarding the survey or the DigiTrans project?

Please contact Postdoc Kjetil Egelandsdal or SLATE Director Professor Barbara Wasson