The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

The university reopens

The University of Bergen reopens June 15.

Students and staff can return to campus.
Eivind Senneset, UiB

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The opening of institutions requires that they comply with current rules and advice on infection control. The news that the government came with on Friday pleases UiB Rector Dag Rune Olsen.

- It is a wonderful message that they announce that we can open again. It was a dramatic decision the government took on March 12, and it has been a state of emergency for us. Now we are looking forward to welcoming staff and students, he says.

Olsen also emphasizes that it was important to have a reopening now before the summer holidays.

- Then we can best prepare for the next semester, he says.

Still one meter rule

The prerequisite for opening educational institutions requires good hygiene and infection control measures. The 1-meter rule is maintained, and this still has consequences for the institutions.

- We need more space and increased opening hours. This entails increased costs, but the government and the institutions are aware of this, says Olsen.

Friday's news means that UiB employees who are not at risk groups should return to the University, but still so as to avoid unnecessary use of on public transport.

Further use of the home office for administrative and technical staff must be agreed with your nearest manager.

All students will again have access to the campus, but still so that infection control is taken care of.

Currently, student workplaces are available at the University Library's learning centers. Access by application only until 19th of June.  Capacity will be increased as needed.

Planning of physical and digital teaching for the fall semester also continues with the restriction that the 1-meter rule is maintained. First-year students will be given priority, UiB will make sure that all students receive an offer on campus this fall.

Students in risk groups must also be looked after and receive a satisfying education. UiB will develop digital solutions in nearly 100 classrooms, which will also meet the needs of students in the risk group, extend the teaching time, rent additional space and increase teaching capacity.

In this way, we will also be prepared if there is a new infection increase in the community.