The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

Survey on the teaching situation

All academic staff are invited to participate in an online survey about the effects of the closing of campus due to the corona situation.

Del av et tastatur med grønn knapp hvor det står online teaching på engelsk
All teaching had to be moved online when campus was closed in spring 2020

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In spring 2020 the University of Bergen (UiB) had to close access to campus for employees and students to hinder spreading of the corona virus. UiB has never previously been in a similar situation and we know little about the consequence this has had for students and employees.

Thus, UiB has funded DigiTrans, a research project lead by the Centre for the Science of Learning &Technology (SLATE), to see how the changes have affected the teaching and learning situation. This survey of employees doing teaching at UiB is part of the project.

The survey has 2 goals:

  • To know how the closure has impacted the teaching situation for our employees.
  • To learn from the situation and understand how to improve and change in future semesters. 

The survey is anonymous and goes out to all employees involved in teaching at the University of Bergen (employees who do not teach, should refrain from answering). No personally identifiable data will be collected, and participation is voluntary.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes. You will be asked about the teaching and your work situation.

Participants will be included in a draw for a City of Bergen Gift Card worth 1000 NOK. Five winners will be drawn.

Click here to answer the survey

Deadline for participation: 15 September 2020

Questions about this survey or the DigiTrans research project can be directed to Postdoc Kjetil Egelandsdal or SLATE Director Professor Barbara Wasson

A similar survey for students is available.

Information about the survey is also available at the SLATE website