The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

Stricter corona regulations

The government has introduced stricter regulations because of increased covid-19 infection in the society. This is how the rules affect UiB.

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The most visible change is seen on the map of Europe, where countries that were previously marked as green are now marked as yellow. Travel to these countries does not entail a quarantine obligation, but the change is made to show that the authorities advise against all travel out of Norway.

At the same time as countries change color from green to yellow, several countries are marked as red.

From Saturday 15 August, there will also be a quarantine obligation if you have traveled in Poland, the Netherlands, Malta, Cyprus, Iceland and the Faroe Islands as well as some regions in Sweden and Denmark in addition to the countries that are already red. On the National Institute of Public Health's website, you will find a complete overview of which countries are subject to quarantine when returning home.

“We follow the guidelines from the authorities and advise against travel that is not strictly necessary. Restrictions on domestic travel should also be considered according to the infection situation. Any travel must be approved by the nearest leader”, says university director Kjell Bernstrøm.

In the last week, the number of infected people has increased. Therefore, the government has also decided that everyone who has been in close contact with someone who is infected will be quarantined. Previously, the quarantine obligation only covered persons living with someone who was infected.

“Therefore, we ask all employees to make sure that they have registered their mobile number in the HR portal. This will make it easier to follow up infection tracking when needed”, says Bernstrøm.

If you are sick, or have symptoms of respiratory infections, it is important that you stay at home. If you have been diagnosed with covid-19 infection, and have stayed in the university building, it is important that you notify your employer as soon as possible.

All students and staff who will have access to the campus must complete and pass the e-learning course in infection control.

The University of Bergen follows national authorities and Bergen Municipality's advice to reduce the number of passengers in public transport. As a large state employer the University must balance the need for a presence with a home office to prevent spread of infection. Everyone in the risk group should work from home. If flexible working hours are not appropriate, home office is recommended.

"Aagreement on home office or changed working hours is cleared with your nearest leader", Bernstrøm says.

The Government has today, Friday 14 August, only recommended use of face masks in Oslo and Indre Østfold. Here you can read more about FHI's assessments. UiB has available face masks if the advice for Bergen changes.

If students or staff have questions regarding infection control or other corona-related issues, you can call UiBs corona service line 55 58 85 55 (Mon-Fri 09.00-15.00).