The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

UiB's Service telephone for covid-19 for students

Do you have questions regarding infection control, measures or other coronavirus-related questions and UiB? Are you a student and have been diagnosed with covid-19? Please call the UiB Service telephone for covid-19.

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Questions about coronavirus and infection control measures at UiB?

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UiB's Service telephone for covid-19 for students

Telephone number 55 58 85 55

Opening hours

Monday-Friday 9 AM - 3 PM
Saturday and Sundag 11 AM - 3 PM

Report infection

UiB are taking measures to control the spread of the coronavirus. If you are a student at UiB and have been diagnosed with covid-19, please notify UiB as soon as possible. 

Pleas fill out this form: Notification from confirmed contagious student

Your information will be treated confidentially, and will only be available for the HR department and for the leaders at your unit.

Stay informed

UiB observes the guidelines issued by the Norwegian health authorities. Please be aware that UiB recommendations may change in line with changes to the covid-19 situation in Norway. Visit uib.no/en/corona to stay up to date.

More information on coronavirus and infection control measures: