The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees
Routines for quarantine and infection tracking

Follow-up of staff and students with COVID-19

Infection tracking, notification and quarantine: routines for follow-up of students and employees in connection with COVID-19.

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If an employee or student tests positive for COVID-19, work is immediately started to trace and notify possible close contacts. The University of Bergen is involved in the work to map where the infected person has been, and contacts possible close contacts, who will then be told to quarantine.

In case of a positive corona virus test, please notify UiB immediately:

What time period will be mapped? The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) recommends mapping where an infected person has spent time during the 48 hours before they first developed symptoms of COVID-19. If the infected person has not been on campus in the 48 hours before the symptoms appeared, the University of Bergen concludes its infection tracking work.

What does infection tracking involve? If the infected person has been on campus during the period in which they were contagious, the University of Bergen will try to generate an overview of where the person has been and whom they have been in close contact with. The infected person may have attended social events, worked in an open-plan office, attended meetings or taken part in teaching sessions. The University of Bergen will work to get an overview of all of these kinds of situations. The purpose of this is to be able to contact other people who may have been exposed to infection.

Why must students take note of their seat number? Places in large auditoriums and teaching rooms are usually numbered. It is important that each student notes down their seat number, for example by taking a photo with their phone. Students are asked to store this information for ten days.

What follow-up do infected people get? The individual faculty contacts the student or the employee who is infected and asks if the University of Bergen can help with any practical matters or adaptation of teaching. Teachers and group leaders will be followed up by their immediate supervisor and the University’s occupational health service.

Who will be notified that they may have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19? If a person infected with COVID-19 has been in a small teaching room, everyone who was present at the same time will be notified that they may have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. People who are not notified that they may be a close contact do not have to quarantine. The University of Bergen does not disclose the identity of the infected person to the people it contacts.

What is a quarantine notification? Individuals who may have been exposed to infection will receive a notification asking them to self-quarantine. The quarantine lasts for ten days from the time they might have been infected. The persons in question will be notified of the date from which the period of quarantine is to be counted.

What happens to the information about a person’s close contacts? When a notification of possible infection has been sent, the lists of potential close contacts are transferred to the Infection Tracking Team in Bergen for further infection tracking and follow-up. The Infection Tracking Team will contact the people on the list.

Who has the authority to impose quarantine on students and staff? The University of Bergen cannot impose quarantine on people. It is the public health authorities in the city of Bergen that impose quarantine on relevant persons. The University only has the authority to request that people self-quarantine.

Why should students and staff adhere to a quarantine request? If all students and staff who receive a quarantine request from the University self-quarantine as directed, this will help prevent the spread and transmission of COVID-19. Infection tracking is time-consuming, and due to their heavy workload, it may take a few days for the Infection Tracking Team to speak to all potential close contacts.