The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees
Corona measures

New corona measures: consequences for students and employees at UiB

As of Saturday 7 November, strict measures will be introduced in Bergen to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Both home office and digital teaching are mandatory. With few exceptions, this will apply to all students and employees.

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November 6, Bergen Municipality introduced temporary local corona measures that apply from Saturday, November 7 until November 23, when a new assessment will be made.

These measures also effect the University of Bergen. The measures are not implemented due to the risk of infection on campus, as UiB has handled infection control well. The new measures primarily aim to reduce mobility in society.

These are the implications for UiB employees and students:

The new regulations states that everyone who can, is required to work from home. This applies to both employees and students.

  • From Monday, all employees will thus work from home, unless they have an agreement with their leader to work in UiB's buildings and areas.
  • The campus will remain open to employees using their key cards, when specific needs make it necessary to have access.
  • Students will have access to pick up belongings through Monday.
  • As a general rule, students must work from home. Exceptions can be granted for master's students who need to work on campus to complete their master's thesis this semester.
  • Internships will be carried out for health educations and associate professor / PPU -studies if possible. For others it is carried out digitally or postponed.

  • All exams must be done from home, with the exception of practical exams for performative subjects.
  • For students; teaching is digital until the end of the semester, with a few agreed exceptions (see below).

Reasons for working or studying on campus:

  • UiB's central emergency response group and the emergency response groups at faculty level, as well as unit leaders can continue to work on campus, if necessary. The same applies to employees with critical operational functions or employees with specific tasks that can only be solved on campus.
  • Access to teaching room / studio for employees to do digital teaching
  • Access for lecturers and students for implementing teaching that can not be digital (creative and executive, laboratory, equipment-dependent, field and clinical teaching)
  • Access for employees to facilities, laboratories and other research infrastructure necessary to meet application deadlines for new projects and carry out important research
  • Access to archives, libraries etc. to retrieve important material
  • Access for PhD students, postdocs and researchers with time-limited projects who need to work on campus in order not to be significantly hindered in their research career.
  • Access for master's students about to submit a thesis this semester, or who are associated with research projects where access to the laboratory and research infrastructure is considered crucial for their progress

Public defense of PhD projects are conducted digitally, but access may be given to candidates, leaders, supervisors and committees if desired.

After an assessment by the leader, access to a workplace on campus may be granted if work cannot be done at home due to health or important social reasons / lack of infrastructure.

Students will in some instances be able to apply for access to campus. See more information for students on online teaching and examinations.

Access based on the justification listed above must be agreed between employees and their leader.


Bergen Municipality stipulates that events in public places shall not have more than 20 participants if there are fixed seats. Events without fixed seats are prohibited. The university management recommends that all events should be made digital during the period these measures apply.

The University Museum will be closed for public visits during this period. The same applies to the University Library, but so that functions related to borrowing books and access to collections can be taken care of.

UiB updates corona information continuously on https://www.uib.no/en/corona