The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

Digital teaching at the University of Bergen

All teaching will be digital until January 31.

Digitalt møte illustrasjon

The health authorities are concerned about the increasing infection rates in Norway. In early January, the government decided that all teaching at universities must be digital until January 18. Due to the current situation and the signals from the government, UiB has decided to extend this period to January 31.

Although the teaching will be digital, the University of Bergen is open to both students and staff.

Students and staff who have tasks that can only be solved on campus, will be able to continue to do so.

Home office is still recommended whenever possible.

The Ministry of Education and Research assumes that practice is carried out as far as possible during this period.

Do you have questions about student work places or access to campus?

The guidelines introduced on 20.12.20 still apply. This means that home office is still recommended whenever possible. From 4 January, students have access to all the university's areas using key cards and no longer need to register to gain access to student workplaces.