The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees
These are the new, national corona rules:

The government continues the reopening of society

The third step in the reopening plan will take effect on Sunday 20 June. Here you can read how home office and event should be handled in this phase.

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Thor Brødreskift

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Norway is entering the third phase of the reopening of society. From Sunday 20 June at 12 new national rules apply. Bergen municipality follows the national measures. Below is a clarification of how home offices and events should be handled in this phase.

We also remind you of the general meeting on Monday 21 June at 10 am for all students and staff, with further information about plans for the autumn.

Home office vs work on campus

In the third step of the reopening plan, arrangements are made for the employer to assess whether a home office is necessary given the infection situation. There is now low infection in Bergen. UiB has already welcomed more employees back campus and is now planning for the most normal situation possible on campus from the start of the autumn semester. If there is no change in the infection situation, the home office this autumn will therefore be a measure that is agreed with the manager and used in accordance with a negotiated agreement.

Leaders are responsible for ensuring that infection control is taken care of at their own unit and that there are necessary measures that make it possible to effectively detect infection in the event of an infection situation. The Occupational Health Service (BHT) can provide further guidance to units that have questions about handling the scheme.

Those who are protected from do not have to keep their distance from others in the workplace, but should pay special attention to the unprotected in risk groups.


Events are defined as seminars, conferences, courses, member meetings and other professional gatherings, including dining without serving alcohol, but not meetings or gatherings as part of ordinary work or teaching.

The following guidelines apply:

  • At public indoor events, the number of people who can be present without the use of fixed, allocated seats is increased to 400 people (200x2 cohorts). This also applies to teaching.
  • Maximum 1000 people at indoor events where everyone in the audience sits on fixed, assigned seats
  • Maximum 2000 people at outdoor events

    Professional / social events in connection with seminars, conferences, courses and other professional gatherings with serving of alcohol are considered in the same way as private gatherings outside your own home and have a limit of 100 people.

The following people should not be included in the total number of people who may be present at the event:

a) employees and contractors who are responsible for the implementation of events

b) performing artists in carrying out cultural activities under the auspices of a professional organizer

c) journalists, photographers and other representatives from the media who are necessary to ensure media coverage of the event.

At all events, it is assumed that the necessary infection control measures have been taken care of and that the responsible organizer has an overview of participants with a view to possible infection tracing. BHT can provide further guidance to units that have questions related to which events are possible to carry out under current measures.

Protected persons

See Advice and rules for those who have been vaccinated or have undergone covid-19.