The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees
Uncertainty related to the Delta virus:

Step 4 of the reopening plan is postponed

The government announced on Monday 5 July that the next step in the reopening plan will not be implemented until the end of July or the beginning of August at the earliest.

illustrasjon av deltaviruset

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The Government decided today to postpone moving to step 4 of the reopening plan. This is due to uncertainty regarding the spread of Delta variant of Covid-19.

We also refer to the attached letters from the Ministry of Education and Research and the National Institute of Public Health received Friday July 2nd about the Covid-19 reopening plan, study start in the autumn, and vaccination of students.

As stated in the letter from the Ministry, it is now assumed that we can plan for teaching this autumn without social distancing requirements, although we must also be prepared for the Covid-19 situation to change quickly as stated by the Government today.  UiB will have as much activity on campus as possible as soon as possible this autumn, but we know it takes time to readjust the plan for teaching.  We therefore assume that arrangements for teaching, receiving new students and the sponsorship week will take place according to the plans that have already been made.

With regard to the information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health on vaccination of students, we will share this on relevant websites. These will be linked to in the information that will be sent out to new students in August.

In the current third phase, arrangements are made for the employer to assess whether the home office is necessary given the infection situation. There is still low infection in Bergen. UiB has already welcomed more employees back on campus and is now planning for a normal situation as possible on campus from the start of the autumn semester. If there is no change in the infection situation, the home office this autumn will therefore be a measure that is agreed with the manager and used in accordance with a negotiated agreement.

Protected persons:

See Advice and rules for you who have been vaccinated or have undergone covid-19.